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I saw the great man today, the bottom line he said was that I had an initial attack of viral labyrinthitis back in 2002.

1)as a result there is an underlying 15% loss of balance function in the right inner ear labyrinth because of this.
2) my total tested balance however was still in the normal range but the mismatch of information from each ear was causing the feelings of being off.

as I have had no symptoms for 2 years and this only returned 4 weeks ago, he said this could be that I am going through a "decompensation" event which he is sure will go away soon as it has several times before OR possibly the original virus is still latent and flares up again in times of stress and then the anxiety makes it worse.

he prescribed acyclovir (a anti viral) and prednisolone (a steroid) to take next time I definitely have a period of being off which would tackle the virus if that is the problem.
also he said I needed a personalised vestibular retraining program which he could arrange.

so I have a definite diagnosis which makes me happy and I suspect I will suffer from this less now as the anxiety of not knowing what it is definitely makes it worse, in fact I am sure this cycle is almost over now as symptoms are less than half of what they were a week ago.

mr HBEP mentioned a good clinic that some people have gone to, I wonder if it was the same one ?, mine was in harley street with harley street prices to go with it !

anyone else had this kind of diagnosis ? and what was outcome? short and long term?