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I have been with the same sore throat problem again since December of 2005. The sore throat comes and goes, but now the sore throat is causing me to get sick, I have been sick more than 4 times in two months. Right now I have a severe sore throat, my PCP doesn't know what I have, first they said acute bronchitis, then they said allergies but I don't think is that. In the last four months I have been on Cipro 800mg, Avelox, Tylenol 500mg, Azithromycin 250mg dose pagre, Mytussin AC Syrup MOR, ZMax 2g, Sudafed 30mg. As of Today they got me on Acyclovir 800mg, one tablet three times a day again because my PCP said it might be Oral herpes, NOT the STD one. Last time they put me on Acyclovir it didn't do anything, the sore throat just went away by itself.

Right now my sore throat is so bad that I might consider going to the emergency room tommarrow if I continue to have it. My throat feels so raw and I have FLU SYMPTOMS, when I Breath my nose inside feels raw and super dry. What could be causing all this? It never goes away, and everytime It keeps getting worst.

Please Help, anyone that can comment.