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I'm 50 yo. and I've had swimmer's ear for years. Now, not only do I have pain in one ear intermittently but if I touch my upper mandible it feels as though the left side is shrinking (eroding?) I also have mild hypotonia in left side of face and this extends to a very mild degree on the left side of my body. I have ruled out herpes zoster, though I might be incorrect. I took Acyclovir and it didn't seem to have an effect. After reading medical texts for years, I feel that it could possibly be a fistula in the ear canal caused by scarring or perhaps a tumor. I've also read that a fistula could retain bacteria which could cause bone erosion and CN7 damage and spread to other areas thus causing CNS damage. My smile is slightly crooked from the hypotonia and now I'm beginning to get TMJ pain, also on the left side.

I've had an MRI, which showed no bone erosion in the mastoid bone, but the ENT refused to give me a CT scan. (Oh, the MRI didn't indicate a stroke either.) He seemed disinterested and told me simply to take antibiotics until it cleared and to hold the tip of my nose, to squeeze my nostrils closed and blow out. What poor advice! Other doctors have a hard time believing me and some say that only children get ear infections, that is nonsense! I need an MD who thinks 'out of the box' in this case. Is there anyone out there?
I'm in CT, but I'll travel to anywhere in the US for the right doc. Help !