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Thanks so much Dave!! You always have good advice and such wisdom:D It's very much appreciated. I am on work comp--my biggest downfall. I am really having a hard time accepting the line of thinking that this is as good as it gets. I often pray for just one pain free day, as we all probably do. My pm still hasn't called with my appt with the neurosurgeon. I am so hoping that he will listen to me and possibly help me with my heart problems. I lost my job this last May because of my injuries, so I currently have no insurance at all. My husband could insure me at his job, but won't. (an on-going problem with us) I want to work so badly, but it's not even an option right now.

I am honestly not afraid of surgery, if the dr thinks it would help even a little bit. I was told my an ortho surgeon that I have too much athritis and DDD for any surgery and yet I've heard of several others with these problems have surgery. I am very grateful for the valium right now. It's been the best med so far that has helped me. I'm a little afraid of it because it is so addicting, so I'm being careful. (most all of my other meds are addicting too, but I'm not addicted to them:p )

Currently I am dealing with my 15 year old daughter who came down with Bell's Palsy. How scary--thought she had a stroke. They have her on Prednisone which is awful. She is also on an anti-viral, acyclovir, because they feel that this comes from exposure to chicken pox or shingles. What next??

Thanks again for your help!!!