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Hi back,

Apparently it's very, very rare in genital herpes. Mostly people with shingles get it. It's pretty common with shingles I guess. My symptoms were prodromal pain in my old lesion areas, but no lesions as all. I have had pain starting in Sept. and began taking my acyclovir on a regular basis. Then I had some heart problems and my stress level went thru the roof and my neuralgia pain became UNBEARABLE. My doc. put me on 1 gram. Valtrex daily and told me I had Post Herpetic Nueralgia and I could be looking at pain for as long as a year or two!! I have been off work since Thanksgiving. My pain is about 15% now but I still deal with it daily. I can't wear tight underwear or pants as the pain is like electricity. My doc says she has two other female patients with it. I can't find anything on this website or the internet relating to it except a few blurbs here and there so was SO HOPING that someone here heard of it. I have read that Valtrex can aggrevate prodromal symptoms so have also asked help with that question. I'm scared to go off, I'm scared to stay on (my hair has been falling out). Anyway, that's it. Thanks for asking.