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[QUOTE=silverandgold;2998497]Sounds like your skin is very sensitive to the sun. Do you wear sunblock? Do these bumps occur ONLY on your chin?

Always on my chin. I always wear sunblock on my face when I am out in the sun. I wonder if the tiny blister like bumps are herpatic? The sun and heat always causes them to appear. The bumps are painful and seep clear fluid. I kind of diagnosed myself and started taking acyclovir (antiviral) to see if the bumps ever come back this summer. If they don't reappear while I am taking acyclovir, then maybe I'm right. (I had a really bad cold sore a couple of years ago on my bottom lip. Maybe this problem stems from that??)
I'm not a big sunbather, but I enjoy being outdoors in the summer. I hope I'm right and I can prevent this from happening again.