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Hi Ails,
Yes, our Health Care System is completely needing revamping.
I'm just lucky I'm on my husband's policy he's had for years. They're a good company, but almost all companies balk at paying at one time or another. Everything IS a lot of money...too much...it can boggle the mind. I try not to think about it. I want to get well first.
I'm up too early....I'll probably take a Tylenol and go back to bed.
I'm still worried about my shot that took me to h*ll and back. I had a friend email me and tell me to try Procrit, instead of Neulasta. Maybe I'll get a chance to run that by them, before they give it to me tomorrow. I'm petrified, as that shot did NOT agree with me at all! 5 days of pain!
Yes, right after treatment, I've found popsicles--all fruit kinds---are wonderful. I started Acyclovir 2 X daily, (Oncologist's orders) and (knock on wood) so far, just have had minor outbreaks in my mouth. I pray that continues. Actually, I'm better than before treatment, as I needed Acyclovir for years! Why my primary caregiver did NOT think of that (I went to him for years for such problems) I really don't know. I don't think he's thorough enough, looking back---although, he did get this whole "ball of wax" moving, by referring me to a good ENT. God Bless my ENT & Oncologist.
I'm still tired & my bed is still calling---I may give it another shot (to sleep), before my day begins.
Just wanted to touch base. Happy Sunday.
You still ready to build an arc????
We actually need rain. I walked through my back yard yesterday, barefoot, and it was "ouch...ouch....ouch..." --too dry.
I think I'm spacing out a bit...I still need sleep.