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[FONT="Century Gothic"]I discovered the steroid/thrush connection years before the MS diagnosis. I took steroids for allergies and asthma and ALWAYS had thrush. I also discovered through TONS of allergy testing that I had become allergic to all grains that contain gluten (wheat is the worst culprit).

My first attack was "Bell's Palsy" and the doctor put me on steroids and acyclovir. To my shock, the thrush never appeared! This was repeated with each subsequent round of steroids.

With my diagnosis I immediately told the doctors that I wanted IV acyclovir to go the IV steroids if I ever needed them. Unfortunately, that time came in August. I had acyclovir before each round of steroids. I also received Nystatin swish and swallow around the clock for the 5+ days that I was on IV steroids. It did the trick, I never had the nasty out break that I expected!

Other meds that I have used over time with my outbreaks is Diflucan 150 mg as needed, as well as Mycelex Troche 10 mg (4-6 daily).

Good luck![/FONT]:angel: