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More interesting info from this study:

[*]by age 25 years, 60% of the population has elevated herpes simplex virus (HSV1) antibody levels and by age 60 years that value climbs to 90%.

[*]relief of vertigo was best achieved in Meniere's patients with the antiviral being effective in 22 of 25 patients or 88%. One patient was relieved after application of antiviral directly into the ear. Overall success = 91%.

[*]the treatment was effective in 30 out of 40 patients with VN (75%). Others who saw no change initially were given the treatment within the ear and the overall success rate climbed to 89%.

[*]oral antiviral (acyclovir) success in 9 patients with both VN and BPPV in the same ear was 90%.

[*]only 22 out of 33 patients with BPPV were relieved by the antiviral treatment
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]CONCLUSION: Morphological, molecular and clinical evidence strongly suggest that the common recurrent vestibulopathies (VN, Meniere's, BPPV) represent reactivation of latent Herpes-viridae virus in the vestibular ganglion. The use of antiviral drugs can control vertigo in 90% of VN and MD patients, while the control in BPPV is almost 70%. Adoption of an antiviral approach to these common syndromes seems justified.

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[QUOTE=robsydney;3475800]I recently found a paper suggest that vecurrent vestibulitis and other forms of recurrent vertigo may be caused by Herpes virus infection in the vestibular nerve. This is the link to the paper:


Has anyone been treated with aciclovir (Zovirax) with any success?

I have been treated with ayclovir with success in treatment of my sudden low frequency fluctuating hearing loss. It was dx'd as cochlear hydrops.
It is much better after 6 wks acyclovir but not completely fixed. I understand House Ear has done trials that showed success with hearing loss. They may be using a different antiviral, Famvir. Anecdotally I have heard of Meniere's patients who had some success in stopping vertigo.