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[QUOTE=SanDee53;3540294]So John, what are you going to do? I have been to so many Drs and had so many opinions that I have no idea what is wrong. Told allergies, TMJ and now Cochlear Hydrops. That I have fluid in the middle ear. I have been put on a water pill as they say it is cuased from too much sodium in the body and the water pill will help flush it out. I am told if it works this is what I have. If it does not then back to square one. I have been battling this problem now for 10 months and no positive diagnosis.

My main complaint is the feeling of fullness in my left ear which seems to be the most common ear for these problems. I also have the hearing my voice in my head and a vibration that gets louder the louder I talk. To just listen life is mostly normal but to talk is agony. I cannot be in a crowded room such as a restaurant with a lot of chartter and background noice. Drives my ear crazy. I am constantly putting my hand over my ear when I talk. Not sure why but seems to help. I have had a CAT Scan and MRI and all normal. My hearing is a little diminished according to the audiologist. I had a dream one night that my ear popped and everything was normal again. I was jumping up and down and dancing around the room I was so excited. Then, I woke up!

I had the same diagnosis, 'cochelar hydrops'. I think the water pill is to reduce the fluid in the inner ear. THey also could not explain why I had autophony which does not usually occurr with cochlear hydrops or Meniere's disease. As I said, the acyclovir took way the autophony and restored hearing both to about 90% I would say. It is worth a try.

When he autophony is very bad and you want to speak loudly but don't dare, put your finger lightly in that ear (don't cover it up altogher) and it will reduce the autophony.
Myrtle59 I do that. I find myself covering my left ear when I talk especially if I have to talk loud. I just looked up acyclovir and it says it is for genital herpes. Does not mention anything about the ears. I need to know what I am talking about befor i mention it to my Dr. I am beside myself over this. Just not knowing what has caused it or what the cure is. All the Drs seem so puzzled but judging by all the people I have found on sites like this it is hard to believe Drs are not more up on this problem. :confused: