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Hi. My name is Julie. I'm 30 years old. On October 31, 2005 I was diagnosed was with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which resulted in me having protein in my urine, pleursy in my lungs, and swollen intestines. Within one week, my eyes were swollen shut, I gained 40lbs, and was in what I thought was the worst pain of my life, that was until I started have extreme pain everyday and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia on February 6, 2007. I have now gained a total of 85 lbs due to being on prednisone for so long to control my Lupus (MCTD). The predisone ruined my metabolism and ever since I stopped taking it, I gain about 4 to 10lbs every month. Plus being on bed rest for so long waiting for a diagnoses for the painful fibromyalgia.

I am currently taking Cell Cept to control my Lupus, Lorazepam for anxiety, Nabumetone for arthiritis pain, Acyclovir for the terrible sores I now get in my mouth, Ranitidine for GERD, Flexiril for muscle spasms and sleep, Lyrica for fibromyalgia, baby aspirin to thin my blood, Fleurosmide for water retention, 60mg of prozac a day for depression, Oxycontin 40 mg ES for fibro pain during the day (2 a day), Percocet 325/10 for quick release for pain (3 a day) and Morphine 30mg ES (2 every night for pain). I am now having many problems with my legs. They hurt so bad, they tingle, and during the night they won't stay still so now I think I have RLS.

I worked for the State of WI for 8 years and was terminated for long term disability so I get a small disability check every month, plus I have been waiting for an SSI hearing for 18 months so far. We are hopefully suppose to get a hearing in August 2008. I have also had to go on State Welfare insurance and they always find a way to cut my insurance. I'm always losing my insurance for no reason and getting it back so it's caused a lot of stress and me and my husband. My prescriptions cost about $1,300.00 a month.

My husband Joe and I got married on August 6, 2005. I spent the week before my wedding lying in bed in extreme pain. God must have blessed me on my wedding day, because I felt great, but the day after, right back to the pain. These diseases have caused so much stress on our relationship. Our income was cut in half, which caused us to have to file bankrupcy. My weight insecurity has pretty much crushed our physical love life. I'm sorry to keep going on, but this is just a bit of what I've all gone through in the past two and 1/2 years. I am still depressed so the prozac isn't working, I still have pain and muscle spasms in my legs, back and shoulders so the flexeril isn't working. And apparently the Lyrica isn't working because nothing has changed since I started taking that. Lastly, I'm so immune to my pain medications, that the Dr. keeps raising the scripts.

I feel hopeless. I also have a 12 year old daughter and I can't really do much with her anymore and that hurts me so much.

I'm just writing to vent. It's nice to write to people that have been going through some of the things I have. Does anybody have any advice for me? Perhaps, maybe different medications that may work instead of the ones that aren't doing anything for me. And is there any hope in me getting my old life back. I feel like a 30 year old trapped in a 60 year old body. Oh and I forgot, my short term memory has gotten so bad.

Please help?!?