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hi k2626,
i haven't really noticed if i can see my muscles twitching. i can see the one on my lip, but i just haven't looked at the other one's. sometimes they happen too fast for me to actually look at it.

i'm sorry to hear about your dad. that must have been a terrible time in your life - it's no wonder your body shut down. the bites that you had are interesting, possibly a cause of these symptoms. who knows! it makes me mad that we have to be our own diagnosticians!

mine started following really rigorous exercise with weights, during a severely emotional time in my life. i also had other physical issues just prior to this happening - heavy bleeding and surgery to remove ovary, iron supplements due to the bleeding (i had anemia), hormone imbalance, low vitamin d, and i had taken a trip to vermont and new hampshire in march, just before these weird symptoms started. this is one reason that i strongly suspected lyme - and it still could be a possibility.

my new symptom is burning and shaky muscles. i am feeling so down i just don't know what to do anymore. i think i'm going to go back to the neuro, too. i have antibiotics from my surgery, i think i'll take those to see if this is an infection. i also have acyclovir so i may take that to see if it might help, if this is a virus. i'm frustrated, feeling horrible, and getting more hopeless by the day. i hope you are doing better than i am right now! :( lily