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Sadly at age 38 I have had my first outbreak of oral hsv...undiagonsed with 5 days of white patches in throat, mouth sores, chills, fever and first cold sore...followed by herpetic whitlow on my fingers. ;My doctors ran all tests with no results..i researched on line and diagonsed myself and went back with info to my doc...they have now concluded what I found out for myself...sadly after 14 days of sickness, pain and suffering my 5 year old daughter has come down with chills 105 temp, white patches and everything i just went thru....it was pulling teeth for them to run a blood test on her..now they have said it will take 3 days for results. She will probable soon form cold sores etc. and stay miserable till put on acyclovir. Does anyone know if for a first out break is ;acyclovir enough??? I was first put on antibiotic when they were unsure of what i had and switched to acyclovir...also 2nd question is acyclovir bad on a child or why wont they give it to her ahead of time given the situation...time is of great importance when you are dealing with this. right?