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it can be normal especially if you are new to this. It does get better. I remember depending on where i had the sore, i almost felt like i had to stand on my head to pee! just so it wouldn't drip on the sore. I blot if i have a sore and after my shower use the hair dryer to dry the area. Keeping the area clean and dry will help it heal faster

Are you taking valtrex or acyclovir? that will help with some of the aches and ibuprofen. Rest is the most important thing right now. The more worry/stress you have and lack of sleep will just prolong the ob.
i can be. The first episode can last around 3 wks. Acyclovir you can get for cheap at one of the chain pharmacies.. i believe walmart has it for $4. .

Keep things clean and dry, that will help the sores heal more quickly. You can take some ibuprofen or aleve for the back pain but, i really recommend you ask the doctor for a prescription of acyclovir. It will help