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I have been taking Adalat 60mg (CCB) for 4years and my blood pressure is always around 140/70. I recently changed drs and now I'm taking Cozaar 100mg in the morning and Adalat 60mg in the afternoon. I been taking my blood pressure for the past week in the morning and then at night. It between 127/65 to 150/70 with my pulse around 62-75. I have never been able to get it steady since the dr first said I had high blood pressure. I work out four days a week, watch my salt intake and eat a lot of fruit and vegs. Can't figure it out either. I'm 5' 7" and 175 lbs.
Dear ebrown,

I will have to look into adalat. I am on a CCB but haven't tried that one yet. BP sure is a confusing thing, I know one thing mine is not stress related, mine is high all the time even when lying down for long periods watching TV or reading a book. I just got home from volunteering at the hospital which is about 4 hours on my feet. I try to keep active but it is hard sometimes when I have symptoms.