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I have had high blood pressure for about 7 years, and have taken a multitude of different meds. I have taken two different CCBs Adalat 60mg and Norvasc 10mg. The Adalat gave me a constant cough for 3 years and I finally had to change Drs to get off of it as the Dr didn't believe it cause a cough for so long. Norvasc caused me to retain water. Cozaar didn't cause any problems but it didn't lower my pressure by much. I'm now taken Avalide 300/25 and Toprol 50 mg. My blood pressure has finally coming down after 3 months of switching drugs. Its been runnning 135/85 in the morning and 128/75 in the evening. I also stopped taking Vitorin 10/20 the last 2 weeks and think this has helped. I didn't tell the dr yet.