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Last summer I had a reading in my Doctor's office that was 250/140. This was on a Friday and she told me to go home and relax and take my bp at the drug store on Sat. and Sun and come back Mon. I couldn't get a reading so I asked the pharmasist about it. She took it on one of the home blood pressure monitors and still couldn't get a reading. So she advised me to go to the emergency room to get it done the old fashioned way. When it was taken at the hospital it was 282/160. I'm about 10-15 pounds over weight, don't smoke. I felt a little out of breath, but just thought it was because I was out of shape. They hooked me up to an IV and EKG for a couple of hours. Once they got it down to about 150/90, they sent me home. I was just wondering how dangerous this was. I'm only 32 years old. Now I take Adalat and Zestoretic.