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Hello I am concerned about my 10 year old cousins health. You see they have him on adderall something that my family does not believe he should be on. He is becoming really slow, and he never pays attention. Along with that he is also taking a pill that is like ridilon. I am scared for his health. Because he is having problems. If anyone can help me. Let me know.
If he's taking two medications at once, the problem may be a side-effect to their mixing. I am on Adderall and it DOES tend to make me less hyperactive (though I'm not usually very energetic to begin with) -- but that is due to a boosted ability to pay attention. If he's having trouble paying attention, I don't think it's because of the Adderall.
hi, i am replying to this p[ost because my son who is 9 has been taking adderall for 2 years for ADHD. and i dont have any problems with it. but it concerns me because adderall and rytalin are the same type of medication. i dont think a child should be on both.
my son takes adderallXR 20mg once a day.it is supposed to improve attention.