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I am wondering if a theurapeutic dose of Adderall on average produces as much central dopamine release (ventral straitum: reward pathways) as the natural central phenylethylamine(PEA) release that produces feelings of attraction/love predominantly by means of dopamine (I don't mean sexually/lust or regarding long-term attachment since those are more related to the opiate-like oxytocin).

I generally take 0.5-0.75 mg/Kg instant-release once daily after breakfast of Adderall for adult inattentive-ADD and severe self-motivation problems. I would be worried about continueing taking it as prescribed daily if it is actually rivaling the feeling of the non-sexual portion of romantic love. Well at least in terms of dopaminergic effects.

I havn't much luck with the opposite sex on no drugs at all so I can't really compare the feelings subjectively. I know large doses of it could launch dopamine unnaturally high risking damage, but I have never exceeded what I stated above for dose or abused an amphetamine.
Yea, seems like you know enough about the physiological effects of Adderall to answer your own question, at least better than someone else could. And if your inquiry is that personal and subjective, how could someone else know better than yourself?

Generally speaking, amphetamines stimulate both arousal and performance in the arena of sexuality.

Note your own effects and compare them with others reports.
I do not think that Adderall works on seratonin and works along quite different pathways.
Maybe this is more clear:

Really just seeing if anyone had an idea about this:

An experimental AVERAGE or generalization based on measuring the maximum dopamine release naturally possible in humans. Using the attraction process of love as an example since it releases the most dopamine via the natural release of the brain's amphetamine PEA.

I mention dopamine specifically- not effects on any of the other receptors. Dopaminergic effect is what I'm interested in and all that I'm focusing on right here.

It would just be interesting to know if there's any obtained data that's comparable- obviously not specific to my exact body- but in general the extent of the dopaminergic effects in terms of same-unit comparisons measured the same way.

I wouldn't know the answer because actual experimental data showing the degree of changes off baseline is more reliable than my subjective opinion or my notoriously bad memory of seperate past events, all of which would be biased by my perception. Also- since taking Adderall, I haven't had any serious relationships.

Your inquiry would most like be found in some database that contains scietific journals and stuff of that sort, not a general reading forum like healthboards.

For personal or general info, check out Erowid.

If you wanna boost or maximize your dopomine levels naturaly supplement one or more of the fallowing nutrients:


With or without Adderall. Be your own guide. Small doses would proly never have harmfull effects.