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Adderall! Prescribed for ADD and some sleep disorders works wonders for social situations. It gives you a false sense of well being....hence, confidence. Ask your doctor about it. I've read where many others find the same success in this drug. Make sure you consult a doctor who understand this drug. ;) Print some of the information on Adderall and take it to your doctor. In your browser insert "Adderall Social Situations" and plenty feedback will come up for you. Hope this helps.

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I've actually done a lot of research and paxil is actually being heavily promoted and it is not neccessarily the best... .according to studies. MAOI's are actually rated better as well with benzo's. I found this on NUMEROUS websites. Yes, benzos are highly addictive, but it just depends how you use them and how much you use I think. Adderall i never heard of but i'll have to do some research on it. What type of drug is it??