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i have been busy chasing down as much research as i can find on issues relating to immune dysfunction, chronic fatigue, fibro, auto-immune disorders, etc.

i know very little about these areas especially the immune system. however, i believe that if i can gain some understanding of it then i will be able to benefit from it.

some how or another my instincts tell me that a lot of these conditions are involved with IBS and the nervous system. of course that is kind of a given.

i need to be especially careful when it comes to stimulating or depressing the immune system. these are things that i do not understand. it is possible that we can actually do more harm to ourselves if we don't know exactly what is going on.

i find your case to be particularly fascinating because so much of it sounds like me... except i don't have the fibromyalgia.

the cfids is what really fascinates me. it is possible that i still have it and may have had it for a long time. i just think that during the mold exposure it became incredibly severe. i don't think i am over it because i have been taking adderall for 3.5 years (adderall-- 4 salts of amphetamine). i function poorly without it. there is no doubt that the n-acetyl-l-tyrosine has dramatically boosted my alertness and ability to handle stress but i would be in trouble without adderall.

this is why i am wondering if i have some degree of this cfids. i know that when the IBS is particularly bad i become much more tired. but then again i know that when inflammation is triggered -- chemicals are released (IL-1) that put us to sleep. it is designed to put us to sleep so that we can heal.

i am baffled by this whole thing, but i am determined to get down to the root cause -- i have lost too much of my life to it already.

hearing about all of your symptoms helps me in a strange sort of way.... it makes me think and it makes me relate it to my experiences..... and it makes me do the research.

p.s. i really think the yeast treatment is having a beneficial effect on me..... i am finally experiencing unassisted peristalsis. for about 3 years i had to rely on suppositories and then jogging...disgusting but necessary information.

the fact that you vomited the olive leaf extract... i'm wondering if that is a good sign???? (i have never been so sick in my life as when i was on the yeast treatment)
i will be disappearing for awhile.... i need to do research and other committments