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I am the person who gave you a bit of grief a few months ago. actually, i was being more skeptical than negative. i had questions that needed answering and you answered some of them.

well, I finally saw a professional homeopath. she was recruited by my doctor's practice (Preventative Medicine) (Dr Frackelton -- cleveland, OH) Past president of AAAM).

The things that happened were beyond my imagination. it would take too long to go into detail but i will say that i am hooked and i am still in a state of shock that something like this can work.

i suspected that it might work but i thought that it would be very weak and borderline useless. i was wrong. i have been studying what the germans can do and i am amazed.

i suspect that i have some type of viral, mycobacterium, or pathogenic bacterial problem and i sure hope that eventually she will solve it.

one of the things that happened was that she managed to stimulate me for a few days. i was able to not take my adderall for 2 whole days (amphetamine). i also spewed horrible diarrhea for 2 days. i am no longer feeling toxic or poisoned throughout the day (had that for 5 years straight). i am sure it will wear off but that is okay.

many thanks!!!