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How long have you been on Adderall? I think you are taking the right approach by taking yourself off the medication. And it's best to do it the way you described, slowly over the course of a week or two. As you suspected, you probably never needed to be on it. A lack of sleep can affect you in so many negative ways. Do not take anything, especially stimulants, if you suspect you don't even need them.Give it a try and see if you can function without it.
It might be that you were wrongly medicated to begin with. But that won't make going off the med any easier. You should wean yourself off over the course of two months rather than two weeks. Withdrawl symptoms from adderall can include depression, fatigue, and increased ADD symptoms like lack of focus and bad memory. Sometimes these symptoms can last for months. Weaning yourself off slowly will help decreese the likelyhood of withdrawl.