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Kilo, I have alot of trouble following conversations, too, not so much because I blank out but because my mind has gone about 300 different places by the time whoever is talking has finished one sentence. That's what ADD is like for me.

If Adderall caused alot of anxiety, something like Metadate might work for you without the intolerable side effects. While stimulants "work" immediately, it can take a few days to get past the side effects. For instance, I had headaches for the first 2 or 3 days on concerta, but they went away. Also the "rebound" anxiety that I had late in the day at first isn't such a problem now.

Good luck!
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Thanks I Will Talk To Him About It.

Hey guys,
I would be driving somewhere and all of a sudden realize I was going totally in the wrong direction. I could feel myself being zoned out while driving. I was watching the road but spaced out somewhere. Sometimes I would have to pull over and go to sleep for a good hour. I was Lazy, tired and totally unmotivated. WHen I did try to do something, I swore I must be getting Alzheimers because I could not remember what I was suppose to be doing. Anyway, after many tests, results showed nothing out of the norm. My doc decided to try me on Ritalin. It helped so much with the focus stuff. However, the tiredness was still there. I then tried adderall but that didnt seem to help as much. I am now taking dexidrine which is helping but I still cant get the sleep thing fixed. If I force myself to get up and get dressed and leave the house in the morning after my kids go to school, I am good all day. But if I sit and have breakfast, read the paper, talk on the phone or go on the computer, I start to feel an incredible tiredness and end up giving in and going to sleep for a couple of hours. I start work at 1 pm and once I am there I am ok. I just get so frustrated because I get nothing done and sleep my time away. I have just tried taking Provigil which is perscribed for Narcolepsy in addition to the dexidrine but it doesnt seem to help. Don't you wonder how people ever functioned before we had all these drugs to try to help us function normally?