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My son is in second grade and is now taking 15 mg of Adderall RX. Before meds, sports were a big joke to him, he was to busy to listen. We started him in group tennis lessons and those really did the trick. All that running back and forth and chasing the ball with not too many rules to concentrate on, he excelled.

Then after he started taking meds he continued with tennis and now in addition is taking karate at a great little school. They are used to working with kids with ADHD and they work on focus. They even have older kids throughout the class helping those that need it to stay focused. He loves the class and is going three times a week.

The Adderall seems to stick with him for a few hours after school because he has had fairly good behavior at class.

We also take him to the skate park on the weekends and let him skate for hours.
Kids with ADHD need to move. Don't give up. I will mention that my son took Concerta for several months and it kept him awake and put him in a really bad mood. We started him at a low dose of Adderall RX and he has moved up to 15 mg but he is doing so well on it, he happily pops it into his mouth every morning. We keep him off on Sundays to give his body a rest and what a difference! He is all over the place! That's when we go skating.