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Hi I am new here :wave:
I am a newbie as of today and I am here because I feel very alone too. As I type this I have my 3.5 year old attached to me as that is how the whole day goes. I feel very alone and depressed with my daughters diagnosis of ADHD and ODD. I am a stay at home Mom and I deal with it all by myself for 12 hours a day. My family is not supportive at all and they do not help me in anyway.
My hubby and I were married 10 years before we were blessed by Faith. We were an infertile couple and we tried all the fertility treatments and they never worked. Finally after 10 years we adopted our miracle baby and now to find out that ADHD is making her this way has just knocked our feet right out from under us.
My daughter started Straterra (sp?) yesterday and we are praying this works.
We tried Adderall and she had a bad reaction along with Wellbutrin. My daughter does not fit into preschools for very long and it is very hard for me physically and mentally to get by day to day. Faith goes to bed at 8pm every night and she does not actually fall asleep until 1am or 2am so hubby and I have no time together at all.
This is a very hard disease to deal with and I am trying hard to deal with it but sometimes I wish I could just wake up and it was all just a bad dream.
Are ther state programs to help as I would think this is a disability??
Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!