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I've been experiencing a lot of benefits from the Concerta, but am still unhappy with the inconsistency-- Taking 36 in morning and another 18 in afternoon, to try to alleviate the ups and downs and while more days are good than bad, there are still some days where it just feels like a roller coaster ride! I'm reluctanct to switch to something else because I don't want to lose the benefits I AM experiencing, and I've heard it may take awhile for other meds like Adderall to take effect. (My doctor has indicated that Adderall would be the next step.) Would like to hear from anyone who has made the switch from Concerta to Adderall- Did it seem to last longer for you, or did the effect seem more stabilized or even? What about the Adderall XR--anyone with any experience there? How much Adderall effectively replaced the Concerta for you? I know everyone is different and just because something works for someone doesn't mean it will apply to me. But I'd like to hear some success stories in case we do decide to go that route. Thanks in advance!!
Please study up on ADHD and the medications used. I don't know where you heard that it takes a while for adderall to work. Adderall is a stimulant, it works almost immediatly. Adderall aka amphetamine salt combo is stronger than methylphenidate (ritalin, concerta) so the highest daily dose recomended is 40mg.

I was medicated when I was young and I suggest that if you have not already done so you give the safer more natural treatments a try before moving from rx to rx. There are tons of options, biofeedback, nutritional interventions, and many more. Please try them if you havent already done so.

As for comparing adderall and concerta. For most people concerta lasts 8-12 hours. For some people regular adderall lasts about 7 hours, XR lasts 4-9 hours. For me regular adderall lasted about 3/4 hours.

Please try other options (if you havent already) before continuing with all of these RX.
Yes, Doonsbury, I have found that taking 36mg in the morning and then another 18mgs in the PM IS helpful, for me at least. I'm still wondering if Adderall wouldn't be more effective, but have decided to stick with this regimen for a while longer before switching. Since I've been unsuccessful in finding any comparisons--other than what Free Spirit offered--of the two, as far as milligram per milligram of each, I don't want to risk losing what benefit I am deriving from the Concerta now. But the split dosing does seem to carry me through most days without the sudden and drastic "down" that one dose in the morning did. I also wish I could afford some ADD coaching, because while the meds ARE helping, I'm still overwhelmed with the mess I made before I got on them--where to start? That's the question that I get stuck on, with regard to the mess my life is.
The problem is, Jeffie, that because Concerta and Adderall are different drugs there just isn't any way to compare them mg to mg.

Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Concerta, Metadate plus the generic forms are all methylphenidate so tables exist for how to convert from one to the other.

But Adderall, as freespirit pointed out, is composed of mixed salts of amphetamines. Individual responses vary. If you switched, your doctor would probably want to start you on a fairly low dose and ramp it up as needed. I'll also second what freespirit said with regards to Adderall (like Concerta) being a stimulant medication and will, therefore, work immediately. It's not like Straterra where a blood level has to be built up.

I personally don't have any experience with Adderall, but what I've read makes me think others tend to have an even harder time when it wears off than what we experience with Concerta. My son's psychiatrist says that, in her experience, there is less rebound with Metadate than anything else, but again, I can't speak from experience.

Have you considered counseling along with the medication? Perhaps you could get some useful tips to help you not feel so overwhelmed. The counselor I see now has helped me tremendously!
Although as I said earlier, I reccomend trying safer more natural treatments, I will tell you that as far as rebound goes for many people ritalin/concerta are the worst. For many people adderall has very little rebound or none at all.
[QUOTE=* Free ~ Spirit *] For many people adderall has very little rebound or none at all.

Hmmm... that's interesting...

The complaint that I hear commonly with Adderall is exteme emotions and sensitivity as it wears off. I hear alot of parents complaining that their kids who take it are crying or having "meltdowns" late in the day. I've been a bit leary of it for that reason.

With the methylphenidate products, I hear more about rebound hyperactivity, inattention and anxiety than the moodiness.

Doctors tend to prescribe adderall doses that are too high for children. When a child is on a dose thats too high adderall certainly does cause some emotional problems. But for many people its the med of choice because it has no rebound effects. It's very interesting that so many people youve talked to have had trouble with adderall rebound. What doses were they on? Do you know?
Actually I was discussing this with a doctor not too long ago. According to him Mg/Mg Adderall is essentially twice as potent as regular Ritalin.

when comparing Concerta and and Adderall XL, the mechanism and rate of release of each would have to be considered as well.