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Quote from bobby56:
I have been suffering from ADD all of my adult life (47 now) but have not had a definitive dx. Does anyone know how to find psychiatrists who specialize in treating adults with ADD?

Before you start using drugs for ADD, please read the following I copied from another website on adult ADD. Psychiatrists know very little about ADD expect how to medicate and don't know anything about finding out the underlying causes of symptoms.

I'm an adult who has been diagnosed with ADD / bi-polar / depression and wanted to share with you the protocol I've used to cure myself of depression, mood swings and ADD. Yes, cure. I no longer have to take Adderall and feel great! The side effects from taking Adderall were terrible. I found it to be addictive and it wasn't worth the possible long term consequences of using it.

I cannot recommend enough the book "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross. I've worked with Julia and her Recovery Systems staff and have been wonderfully pleased with the results.

In a nutshell, the keys to my condition were caused by:

- hypoglycemia

- wilson's thyroid syndrome (see: wilsonssyndrome.com)

- pyroluria

- adrenal exhaustion

- neurotransmitter depletion

I've since been able to make major headway through changes in diet, lifestyle, using nutritional supplementation, and taking a temporary thyroid protocol to virtually eliminate my symptoms. It's important to note that all the symptoms of ADD can be found in the symptoms of Wilson's thyroid syndrome (a reversible thyroid condition) and can be exacerbated by all the other conditions, so that it's crucial to look at all the possibilities for the underlying causes of ADD symptoms. It's been nothing short of amazing. Check out this book. It's full of useful information and may be a life saver.