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A little about me: I'm 21 and a senior in college. I've had ADD for most of my life and I have struggled. I've never gotten special help since most of the "special" Learning Disabled tests all said I was too smart for me to be in an LD program (my IQ was apparently 125 in kindergarten). Through elementary and JR highschool there were always parent/teacher meetings and everyone was always watching me. In highschool whenever a teacher asked us to fill out an index card with things we thought they should know about us I always made sure I mentioned it. When I went to college though I kept it a secret because I didn't want to seem like I was making excuses and hiding behind a diagnosis. I also stopped taking my medicine (Dexatrine in elem. and JRHS and Adderall in HS) and I seemed to be ok. I didn't have much trouble, just the usual college procrastination and new found freedom thing, and it all turned out pretty well. Lately though I'm noticing myself slipping. It's taking me longer to do things than previously, like my mind is slowing down. I've always been aware that it takes me twice as long to get an answer than some (the only symptom I was ever able to distinguish myself) but it seems worse now. I'm also noticing myself spacing out (the space cadet symptom I was never able to notice) and I'll snap out of it then dwell on how I've missed some information. It happens when I'm working, watching tv, and lately when I'm driving. Is it possible that my ADD went away and then came back? Is it even possible?
Thanks for help and listening.