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[QUOTE=* Free ~ Spirit *]Thyroid problems can cause ADD symptoms. A hypo thyriod is what would cause ADD inattentive symptoms. It can still effect you even if your test came out negative. I would suggest you get further testing done.

When did you start having ADD symptoms? (at what age)

Pretty much as long as I can remember. My most obvious trait all thru my life has been starting med. to long-term projects and only completing about 60% of ea. project. I've read about 120 pgs. of "Driven to Distraction", and already nailed about 20 traits.

If I do have thyroid problems, how does, say Adderall XR, react with it. So far, after reading this site, that's the only drug I feel safe trying?

King Conga
[QUOTE=* Free ~ Spirit *]You should only take ADD meds if you try all other treatment options and they fail. The meds are stimulants (related to cocaine and amphetamines) they are of great help to lots of people but its really best to go the non-med route if you are able to.

If you think you may have thyroid problems look into it further before deciding that it is for sure ADD.

What have you heard about Cocanut Oil as a "magic" remedy to thyroid, weight gain (which I know are somewhat related), diabetes, and whole host of other serious conditions...AND it's reaction to Adderall XR? My regimen game plan as it stands right now is to order some Virgin Cocanut Oil, along with the Omega 3, and try that for 3 or 4 weeks. In the meantime, I will set up an appt. with a therapist for ADD as a "coach" and feedback source, then more than likely get on Adderall. So far, that's the only drug I'm at all comfortable taking (judging from what I've read here). I do want to try that at least to see what difference it makes. It seems harmless enough. Believe me, I'm not excited about getting on a drug forever; but if it will make me productive and give me the daily clarity that's been missing in my life for what seems like forever, then it's worth it. From what I've read about the Cocanut Oil that will clear up a lot of problems to.

King Conga
Why do you feel Adderall is so safe? It's an amphetamine, an addictive drug that causes alot of health/mental problems even in smaller doses. Being addictive, it can also poop out because of tolerance development and then higher doses will be needed later; with higher doses come more health/mental risks and physical dependancy/addiction. Perhaps prescribed doses don't kill you but there are other things to consider besides that. At least download the Adderall PDF and read the adverse effects list thoughly and take it seriously.
It seems harmless enough?? Adderall is an AMPHETAMINE!!! You are not even positive you have ADD let alone positive no safer treatments would work for you. Adderall is a hard core med and should be a last resort after all safer treatments have failed.

Why are you so set on getting a hold of some amphetamines, you even said that you think thyroid issues may be the cause of your problems, so why demand medications for a condition you dont even know for a fact that you have.
[QUOTE=King Conga] My regimen game plan as it stands right now is to order some Virgin Cocanut Oil, along with the Omega 3, and try that for 3 or 4 weeks. In the meantime, I will set up an appt. with a therapist for ADD as a "coach" and feedback source, then more than likely get on Adderall. King Conga

King, as you've read, hypothyroid (underactive thyroid) can cause ADD symptoms. If thyroid problems run in the family, you might want to have that tested again; your results now could be different than they were in 1995.

I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with coconut oil. You might try the "alternative medicine" or the "vitamins and supplements" boards for more information on it. Although I'm pretty leary of anything that advertises itself as a miracle cure, I'm glad that you are going to try that and counseling before you try medication.

Good luck.

PS (Editing to include) Don't get set on the idea of Adderall. I can understand your reluctance to try Straterra given all the discussion about male sexual side-effects. But, some of the longer-acting methylphenidates might be a better choice than Adderall if you have to go the med route. Be open to what your doc suggests...
WHOA! Let not your hearts be troubled. I just mentioned I had faith in Adderall simply because it was the only one that after I'd read a considerable amt. of threads here that I hadn't seen any drastic problems like the hellish sexual side effects in adult males with Straterra. I happen to be having an initial ph. interview with a therapist tonight after work. I'm definitely leary of any drugs that target my brain. And eventhough, I was aware of it being addictive, as I said, I hadn't really read any horror stories. I've also got a 32 oz. bottle of Cocanut Oil ordered as we speak. I DO SINCERELY appreciate the concern, however, so don't hesitate to contribute any and all suggestions.

King Conga
Whew, that's good. My nephew took Adderall and it caused mood swings ( sort of like bi-polar), aggression, crying for no reason and some sleep problems.....of course, it "worked" for his schooling but he was turning into another kid. Then they tried Strattera; seemed to be so much better than the stimulant at first, but then he had some extreme fatigue that wouldn't let up....the doc's answer was to increase the dosage and that's when his dad said enough! So now he's off all meds. Luckily, he wasn't on them very long so he got away with no withdrawals/rebounds and is doing well in school now with accomodations for ADD but no drugs.

So I guess what I am saying is these drugs can cause problems and are not always guareenteed to work well and safely for everyone...plus sometimes other means will get the results. My nephew just won a school award for effort..