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Adult male, 36y/o, have been diagnosed ADHD since I was about 5 years old. Have been on medication on and off over the years with mixed results.

I am currently on Concerta, 36mg.

A few months ago, at the urging of my therapist, I was advised to seek treatment for my ADHD. I went to see a Psychatrist, and he put me on Straterra. I wound up quitting it after a few days because it made me feel absolutely awful. After that he put me on the Concerta.

I was on Ritalin for years as a child and did well in school, but then was pulled off it as I entered jr. high school and my grades then plummeted. I wound up being a total failure in jr. high and high school. I took the California High School Prof. Exam and passed it to get my "diploma". Since then, I have not stepped foot into a classroom, not because I don't want to learn, but I just cannot focus on the class plan and/or stay interested. I seem to learn best on my own when I have a genuine interest.

I am self-taught in my profession (electronics and computers) and have done very well for myself considering I have no degrees. I learn things very very fast, and I know my IQ is way up there, but sometimes I feel so stupid and lost when I am trying to get things done. I have had alot of problems at work over the years with finishing tasks and just forgetting to take care of things that need to be taken care of until they become crisis situations. Lately it has become a serious problem and is costing me alot of money and business.
I was hoping the Concerta would help, and it has a little bit, but not enough.

I also have bad hyperactivity. I cannot sit in one place for very long, and am constantly tapping my hands/feet and I have to constantly be messing with something, whether it's a remote control or a computer.. or just about anything I can get my hands on to keep them occupied. It drives people around me crazy because I wont stay on one tv station, or one song, or one radio station or even one subject for very long. The Concerta HAS helped with these problems, but the hyperactivity is the least of my problems.

Since the Concerta seems to help the hyperactivity part, but does little to nothing for the inattentive part, I still find myself struggling to complete tasks. Also, ever since being on the Concerta, my anxiety level has gone way way up. My doctor has recently increased my dosage of Wellbutrin from 300mg (xl) to 450mg (xl) to offset the increased anxiety and moodiness I have been feeling since going on Concerta. So far, that has helped a little bit.

Would a stronger dose of Concerta help... or maybe a different drug like Adderall?

Am I screwed? Is this hopeless? Am I doomed to be tortured by this condition for the rest of my life?

I'm very frustrated. Thanks for reading.
Quote from mattj949:
Would a stronger dose of Concerta help... or maybe a different drug like Adderall?

Either might be helpful - a higher dose of Concerta or a different stimulant. It isn't uncommon at all to have to try several drugs/dosages until you get it just right.

It's also possible that the Concerta and/or the Wellbutrin are making you more anxious. Although Wellbutrin decreases anxiety for some, it definitely makes it worse for others. Talk to your doc. A more calming antidepressant (like the Lexapro that freespirit suggested) might work better for you.