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After a negative experience with Ritalin and migraines as a child, medication was something I was leary about. However, I have since discovered that I am VERY sensitive to medication and that I do function better with some meds. Thus, a low dose of Adderall has done great for me when it comes to concentrating on what needs to be done. Thanks to this board I have been supplementing for a week with Flax seed oil for Omega-3....this has been great.
However, I sometimes get this awful anxiety feeling when my med wears off in the evening. Sometimes it feels like I need a dark and quiet place to just sit. I also have felt like I have lost my brain even more right when my med wears off at times. I was wondering if anybody else has any input on these things that happen. Some days, on days I have taken a very low dose, none of this occurs. However, on most days at least one of these things happen for about 45 minutes. I guess that trouble sleeping goes hand in hand with meds as I have a terrrible time sleeping. If I am not medicated, sleeping is one of my favorite past times. I have recently started taking Melatonin to help this and am considering Valerian root.

I am greatful for any type of input. I feel that I finally have a place where people understand the things that I go through. I also pray for those mothers on the board. I am only 25 and have no kids, but I remember my parents frustrations well. Unfortunately, there was nothing there but Ritalin and grounding for me. Three cheers to you moms who are really searching for good help in the best interest of your child.
Adderall is an amphetamine, as with all major drugs/medications there can be a "crash" as it wears off.

You say you dont get this with a low dose, well then just take the low dose! Continue with supplements and you may be able to eventually lower the dose even more.

What dose are you taking? Is it regular or XR?
Thankyou for your info, this is a great idea for me to get help. Now if you could please tell me what small dose is it that you are taking of adderall, how many times a day?
Is it XR and what is the difference between the two. What is Melatonin? You see in the past I have been told to try Green teas,St. Johns Wart,Eleuthero(siberian root),even Brain modulators, Focus Factor, and none of them seem to work.
Muddy -
Just some info

Adderall regular, lasts 3-7 hours (about) and XR works 4-9 hours. XR is only needed once per day, regular is usually 2 or 3 times daily.

It makes sense that the remedies youve tried didnt work. They did not have proper amounts/ingediants, of the things needed by many ADDers. Focus Factor is good to use just as a multi vitamin for normal healthy adults. It is not a remedie for ADD as they make it seem to be.

Melatonin is a natural hormone created by serotonin. It is what controls your sleep cycles. Some ADDers need to take melatonin as a supplement in order to control their irregular sleep patterns.
Thank you for the replies, I am sorry I did not mention some of the details.

So, my dosing goes kind of by what my day is like. I take regular Adderall, actually the generic version. I generally try to maintain to 5 mg -10 mg a day. The highest dose I have ever taken in a day is 10 mg in the a.m. with a followup of 5 mg in the afternoon. I try to take breaks on the weekends if possible to avoid building tolerance. I work with kids who are in high school who take 80 mg a day. This terrifies me, I would be 80 lbs. I am only 90 lbs as is. I have looked through the posts on this board and I am considering ordering becalm'd. Perhaps there is help there. Also, I have not tried any other kinds of meds. I cannot take Strattera as I have low blood pressure.