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My son will be starting Adderall tomorrow and I was wondering how long it takes to start "working"?
Thanks! :confused:
[QUOTE]My son will be starting Adderall tomorrow and I was wondering how long it takes to start "working"?

The stimulants work immediately but it could take a couple of days for him to get past the side effects. For instance, I noticed an improvement in my concentration on the first day that I took Concerta, but had a headache that lasted the first 2 days so I didn't really get full benefit until that went away on the 3rd day. Hopefully, that makes sense...
I'm a 20 year old male, I weigh approx. 170 LBS., and i'm currently being prescribed adderal XR 20 MG which I don't feel is quite strong enough for me but I have noticed how dramatically it improves my social interaction with people. Adderall really seems like a golden key to normality but the evening crashes do suck...of course the more you're taking the more dramatic your side effects will be.
I was taking adderall XR 30mg a day and then taking 10mg of regular adderall at 2 or 3 to kind of get me through that after effect which is awful! After a little while the XR stopped working again so I asked my doc if I could just take the regular one 4 times a day and that is how i have been doing it and it works better. maybe you should ask your dr to split up the dosage. good luck
hello all, Adderall is a great med, what I've found with Adderall is this... Less can actually be better. I take 7.5 MGs (immediate release) split in half (one every 4 hours during the work day). I also have tried the XR and did NOT like it one bit. I like immediate release as I feel I have more dosage control. When on the XR I was extremely emotional and could not sleep for the life of me. Ironically the Adderall calms me down, but I can't sleep! How wierd is that?
A message to new users- a great med, but less can be more, and immediate release works great too!