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I've read a few opinions posted that there is nothing inherently dangerous about ADHD and that people treat ADHD children merely to conform to societal norms. I felt the need to compile some statistics for you about the dangers of untreated ADHD.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 18 percent of adolescent males began abusing drugs and alcohol in the previous 4 years. The rate for unmedicated ADHD boys was 75 percent.. The rate drops to 25 percent in medicated ADHD boys.

80 percent of school dropouts are reported to have ADHD. Young untreated ADHD drivers have an increased risk of 300 percent of being involved in automobile accidents. They also have triple the risk for sexually transmitted diseases as their non-ADHD peers.

It is reported that almost 10% of people with ADHD have attempted suicide within the past 3 years. About 5% die from either suicide or accidental injury. The rate of suicide in the general population of the US is .01%.

Personally, I find these statistics alarming.


Please note that only the section that defines “treating” ADHD as medication is the one about drug abuse. Certainly, there are other methods of treating ADHD and, in fact, research has shown that a combined approach to be the most effective.

Unfortunitly I can relate with this situation all to well. I was diagnosed with ADD at 13 and put on ritalin, my life did a 180 at that point. I felt like for once I actually had control over myself. Unfortunitly when I was 15 my mom lost her job and we had no insurance. I stopped taking my meds at that point. about a year later I discovered crystal meth and realized that it gave me that same in control feeling. At first I only did enough to help my add but soon became very addicted. At age 17 I went to my doctor told him I had a problem and I needed help and he put me on a very low dose of adderall and was seeing me twice a week. From that day on I never used meth again, it was a scary realization that I was using drugs and actually justifying my addiction because they gave me that normal in control feeling that I so needed. All I can say is that stimulant medication saved my life, I don't know what would of happened to me if I wouldn't of had such a wonderful supportive doctor and family to help me through my addiction! I have been on Adderall ever since and it has been wonderful for me. I also use therapy and meditation to help as well. Thanks for posting this link, I agree it is very shocking to read and I just wanted to say that it is very true and very real.
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AD/HD is recognized and categorized by human diagnostics, but it isn't inherent, nor is it a condition "created" by humans.

AD/HD is a condition caused by the mutation and evolution of certain genes, which may have been essiental many years ago, but not in a modern day society.

AD/HD in itself really isn't a "difference", it's considered a disorder due to several reasons:

First, an individual with AD/HD does not have a brain that is functioning in equilibrium. Either one area(s) are under/over 'working' and this creates an inefficiency, which by definition is not the brain's intended outcome.

Second, almost all 'symptoms' that arise from this disorder are considered negative, relative to the way society operates and functions.

In order for an individual to be mentally healthy in this society, a person must understand the definition of "mental health", which is "dealing with society on society's terms".

Quote from brainf0g:

AD/HD is a condition caused by the mutation and evolution of certain genes, which may have been essiental many years ago, but not in a modern day society.

Brainfog, I appreciate that we have different opinions, but as far as I am aware yours is only one of many competing theories. If I am not mistaken, Gabor Mate has an entirely different theory based on psycho-social development. What you have described seems like the evolutionary biology theory of ADD, as put forth by Hartmann. I am struck by how you describe all 'symptoms' as negative relative to the 'way society operates and functions.' Hartmann has done a huge amount for publicizing the positive traits associated with ADD. I for one identify strongly with the creativity, intuition, and ability to make unusual intellectual connections that is often associated with ADD. In fact some of these traits seem to have aided my successes. What about these traits, are they genetic too, or do they develop in response to being ADD in the contemporary world. If I had been medicated throughout childhood/adolescence, I would probably be a completely different person.

I'm happy to try all kinds of things - seek medical help, etc - to take control over the parts of ADD which impact me negatively. but I refuse to let anyone else have have authority over my own sense of my self and my own figuring out what works for me just because they have a picture of a 'normal'-ly working brain to show me.

I am well aware that we live in an era where gene mapping and various forms of imaging seem to have a huge amount of authority, but the brain remains relatively less understood than the rest of the body. And regardless of our advances, we are scarcely 50 years since the nobel prize was awarded to a lobotomist. Very little is as malleable and culturally specific as mental illness. I actually support medicine, if people are comfortably with how it affects them and how it works for them. But suppose I was on Adderall and felt terrible and yet a neurologist could still demonstrate that my brain was in equilibrium? What would this mean? What would it mean if my brain now appeared normal and I felt miserable?

In my original post when I said ADD was created by humans, I meant to argue that ALL science is contingent on human faculties. It cannot exist without and therefore is a production of people. Science becomes truth when an outcome can be reliably repeated. Yet it is ALWAYS open to contestation.

Perhaps part of my brain works more than another. I'm not sure if I care if its inefficient - much of nature is asymmetrical and inefficiency can be very beautiful. For me it only become a problem if it gets in the way of my happiness.