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Last year I was diagnosed with ADHD, and the doc prescribed Wellbutrin. It worked well with my mood, but the swings were a little rough if I missed a dose, and it didn't work well with the attention deficit side of things.

So a few months later I saw another doctor, and she diagnosed me with Social Anxiety along with ADD; the SA resulting from having ADD.

So now I'm taking Strattera, but the sexual side effects have got me spooked. Basically my output isn't as great as before, and since I'm only 19, I assume the sexual side effects will only become greater as I get older.

The Strattera is working extremely well with my mood and my anxiety, as I'm much more confident and happier around people, but I would like to take something else just for sake of getting rid of the sexual side effects with Strattera.

I did bring up using Adderall with the doc before, and he says that Adderall might make my anxiety worse because it's a stimulant drug. I've also read that Adderall can also result in sexual side effects as well because it's an amphetamine.

If you have ADHD (inattentive type) with Social Anxiety, what are you currently taking? If you're taking Adderall, how is it helping with the Social Anxiety?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
hi fuzzybaffy.
i have been taking 20mg of adderall xr on just about a daily basis for 8-9 months. the anxiety level for me doesn't particulary get worse using it. can't imagine it can get much worse for me really...recently i've started taking lexapro for depression/anxiety on top of the adderall. so far, 2 weeks into that and things seem to be getting much better in my dealings with people and overall attitude about everything. i suppose it would depend on your level of anxiety really. i tried strattera about a year ago for a month and found it completely ineffective. it put me to sleep, sexual side effects were too uncomfortable for me. adderrall works wonders for the add. i do know others who have had success with adderall despite their anxiety problems, so perhaps it might be worth a shot. hope this helps.