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Do you know what medication they are suggesting? If it's an anti-anxiety, you could look up benzo addiction, benzo withdrawal and come up with a whole lot of evidence that those drugs create dependancy and addiction; if it's an antidepressant, just look up children and antidepressants to find the latest new stories about the FDA investigation into suicidial idealization that they believe are being caused by antidepressants. Look up all the adverse effects of all the psychoactive medications like nervous system disorders, liver disease, mania, diabetes, etc. Look up tardive dyskinesia for the anti-psychotic drugs. Adderall, Ritalin, etc. can cause insomnia, emotional lability, and are addictive drugs.

Armed with all the infomation of the mental/physical hazards can make a case for you to protect your child.... I'd also mention that "medication" is supposed to correct a biological disease. Ask them where the proof is that a "behavior" like your daughter's, which is a direct result of divorce, is an actual biological disease. Make them show proof your daughter has any biological disease which requires medication.... since when is being upset about what's happening with her parents an actual disease.

Even if they try to come up with something like clinical depression (the catch-all diagnosis) there is no biological evidence it is a biological disease...no physical, biological test exists to show serotonin deficiency. There are blood tests for diabetes, however, a popular comparison to depression.

Counseling would be the most appropriate course for someone who is upset like she is....drugging her up into submission is not. There are some professionals against drugging children who sometimes help parents in these situations...of course, a lawyer who has dealt with medication lawsuits (side-effects and health-damages are causing many to go to court) is a good option; there are informative people/resources like Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Ann Tracy, Dr. Fred Baughman on the internet, and a man named Lawrence T. Smith, who's son died from Ritalin.

You can find more on the net to present a good arguement why drugging your child could actually endanger her health, her mind, and her life. Drugs that target brain receptors without knowing the levels needed or present in the living brain of a patient is no short of brain experimentation.

When it is used to control inconvienient behavior, it IS drugging, not medicating. She is not ill; simply upset by an unfortunate problem which needs a ton of counseling but no psychoactive, dangerous drugs.