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Very interesting..

My 16 y/o son had a seizure in November. He's been treated and diagnosed with ADD since he's 6. He currently takes Adderall XR 25mgs. His Neurologist performed 2 EEGS, one in his office and then an overnighter, as well as EKG, MRI and blood tests. The Dr. at this time wants to take a wait and see approach. Although, the EEG did show some seizure activity. I've felt a little uncomfortable with this. Now, that you've mentioned some of the other symptoms, I'm thinking again. The smells...we've always thought they were Auras that come before a migraine.

Thank you for responding.

At the time of the seizure he was actualy in the process of being dischraged from the Hospital after being treated for Kidney Stones. He was feeling fine since passing them the day before, so he was up & around and walking the halls. Anyway, that morning after his examination the Doc. signed his discharge papers. My son got up and went into the bathroom to change, the next thing I here is a loud bang..followed by another. I called out to him asking if he was ok and no response. I opened the door and there he is my 6' son lying on the floor with his eyes rolling and his arms and legs jerking, as though he was reaching out. He also hit his head on either the sink or the commode and had a huge egg.

The staff Dr. took his blood pressure which was off the chart and an EKG that was normal. My son fell almost immediately into a deep sleep. Very scary. A few hours later they did an EEG that was normal. The staff DR. said that he might have experienced a shyncopy (sp) or a reaction to not taking his Adderall XR for the time he was in the hospital. I discounted the last due to the fact that he doesn't take it over the summer or on school holidays. I did however make an immediate apppointment with his neurologist. My son has no memory of the seizure, but does recall feeling like he was having an outer body experience just prior to the episode.

His neurologist thinks that this might have been a one time only experience and that to treat it at this point might be jumping ahead of ourselves. My son's pedetrician also agrees with the neuro. I'm not sure that I do. As for the name of the seizure I don't remember him giving me one. I'll definitely be doing some research. He's not driving yet, as he just turned 16 & we live in New York. The DR. did recommend that he not do any boxing and always wear a helmut while skateboarding etc.

Any info. or ideas would be greatly appreciated.