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"The only thing that I was ever told about taking the meds, is that you take them with a full glass of water, this helps the absorbtion process."

I did not know this was related to asorption, but I do drink a lot of water anyway :)

For adults to be prescribed stimulants here in the UK, a consultant has to advise the GP on medication, and many GPs still refuse to prescribe even with an ADHD diagnosis and advice from a consultant (esp. if you went private instead of waiting the 18+ months for an evaluation on the NHS).

You can get things like Concerta, Adderall or even Strattera (which is very new here in the UK) for adults as well under certain conditions, although not as readily available as Dexedrine and Ritalin (the pharmacy have to fax the manufacturers and have the meds sent across), but again it depends on the consultant whether or not they are willing to advise prescription of anything other than Dex or Ritalin.

I'm not complaining, Ritalin is better than nothing but I'm not overly keen on having to go through rebound multiple times a day for as long as I take medication.