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I am a 16-year old male, and I was diagnosed with ADD last May. Soon afterward, I was prescribed adderall for a mostly inattentitive symptoms (60 mgs a day, in XR form [It is normal for my weight]). To put it simply, my grades went way up, I gained self-esteem from actually working to my potential, and I was very proud.

Here is my issue: About two months ago my concentration levels, on a whole, seemed to be decreasing fairly quick, and soon I was at the point where it seemed as if I was not even taking the adderall. I didn't really think that I might be gaining a tolerence at that point, so I tried to think of some events that may have been distracting me, but nothing could explain it.

A month ago I talked to my psychiatrist about this issue. He told me that generally, the adderall remains effective in treating concentration issues related to ADD, and to wait a bit.

Yesterday I went to visit him, and it was worked out that my adderall would be increased from 60mg a day to 90 (in XR form). He told me that the individual responses to the drug vary greatly, so we would try this.

Here are my questions:

1. Is my "tolerance" to Adderall's concentrative improvement normal?

Heh, any other comments you would like to make would be appreciated too.

Thanks (=
I started Adderall a little over a year ago and it was amazing. My life went from completely out of control to increadible. I did spend a lot of time mourning what I could have been if meds had been available to me sooner.

Anyway, I needed 15mgxr twice a day becuase it really only lasted 7 hours and my days are much longer then that. Eventually it lost some of its efficacy for me. I tried to take one or two days off per week and that helped but it has been steadily losing its power. Now it seems to make me feel anxious and jittery but not motivated and focused like before. The other problem is that it makes my insomnia so much worse.

I decided to try cutting back and went down to one a day and that isn't really working either. So I'm looking to get off them altogether. I think I have learned better mind habbits and hopefully will be able to maintain the new life I've created for myself.

I know I could never have gotten where I am without meds, but maybe I can go forward without them.