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Hello, I do not have a prescription to adderall, but for the past 3 weeks or so I have been using it steadily, anywhere from 20-40mg a day. I have never taken more than 40mg in a day, and I have gone days without taking any at all(weekends). I have no intention of getting a prescription for adderall, for I am not planning on taking it for that long. Instead, I am using the little adderall I have to try and get my butt into gear, or give my life a kickstart if you will. I am using adderall to get myself into healthy habits, from eating healthy and exercising, to developing good study habits in and out of school. My life is so organized right now, everyday I know what needs to be done, and I get a lot accomplished. I have been very productive, and it makes me feel really good. My life before this was pretty wasteful for the most part, I found myself sitting around watching TV all day and playing video games. My grades in college were barely passing due to lots of missed class, and hardly doing any out-of-class assignments. However, lately I've been much more successful, with school and my lazyness. I eat very healthy now, and exercise daily. In just these last 3 weeks, my grades in school have increased dramatically. I study hard for tests, complete all required assignments and most importantly - I go to class! This is all new for me, as I was never a hard worker or a dedicated student. With this medication, I have gotten my priorities straight. I revolve my day around what is important, and what needs to get done. I am finally getting my life together, and seeing my true potential.

(The Plan) My hope is this: That by the time I run out of pills, (a couple weeks from now at most) this new healthy lifestyle I have been living with will have become habitual to me, and I will be able to continue it without the medication. I understand it will be harder to uphold this lifestyle without adderall, but I believe I have the willpower to keep it up. I have enjoyed being so successful and productive these last few weeks, I don't see how I could let myself go back to the old me. Thanks to adderall, I have learned my true potential, and I will never expect anything less of myself. That is the method to my madness.

Here are my questions: Similar to anti-depressants, am I going to need to come off this drug slowly? Given I have been on it for 3 weeks or so, at 40mg maximum per day, am I going to get withdrawals if I suddenly stop taking it? Should I reserve a couple of pills so I can slowly come off of it? Also, this is a pretty similar question, but is there a chance of me becoming physically or psychologically addicted in this short amount of time? Everything Ive read about it says that adderall is physically addicting in large doses over a long period of time. Thing is, I dont know if my dose would be considered that "large", and I don't know if 3 weeks would be considered "a long period of time" for adderall. Is there a chance that I might become dependant on this drug? Lastly and most important, do you think this plan of mine has any chance of success? Am I flirting with disaster, or am I heading in the right direction to better myself? Alright, well that is the end of my lengthy query. To whoever read all the way to this point, I thank you kindly and some help would be greatly appreciated :) I am anxious to hear some replies. Thank you so much for your help in advance!
My son was on Concerta 54mgs for 2 1/2yrs... he is 9yrs old. When we stopped takin Concerta his ped said it was ok to stop cold Turkey-we did and there was no withdrawal symptoms at all...After 3 weeks we then have put him on Adderall XR as he wasn't ready to be med free yet... (From what I have heard and read--Concerta, Adderall, Ritalin...--are stimulants and taken for ADHD reasons they are essentially out of the body 12hrs or close to that anyway.. Where as anti-deppressants are in your body and build up can take a days to get out of the body... ) I think there are a websites that might better help either under ADHD/ADD medications or looking up the med directly.

Good luck

Hi Steller,

I am in a similar situation to you although I have been using Adderall for about a year now. I really did need that time to kick my own but in gear and am hoping that my good habits will see me through.

I suggest taking a day or two without meds every now and then to "practice" keeping it up. See how you feel when you try to do the same tasks as you would with meds. See if you can conjure up that good feeling that meds gives you, remember it and recreate it for yourself. I have tried this and it often works. I find non-drug things that stimulate me like great music or exercise and use them.

This tecnique works in a way that is similar to biofeedback. You can train your brain to stimulate the areas that you want.

Good luck!