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I'm 31 and have been taking 20mg of adderall twice per day ending at noon. It has worked great for about 1 year but it makes me sweat and it seems to keep me up at night even though I take the last dose at noon. The dose is good because I can concentrate very good at work and throughout the day. I was wondering if the levo amphetamine in adderall causes the sweating and longer duration. I'm considering dexedrine because of the 1 d-isomer and shorter duration. Do you think this might help and would my doctor have a problem changing my meds? Also, are the dosages the same for the 2 drugs?
i have been on dexedrine for six months now and really like it...i do not experience increased sweating since dextroamphetamine causes less peripheral (sp?) side effects than adderall does. dexedrine spanules also have a shorter duration of about 6-8 hours compared to 12 hours the adderall has.
i would change to the dexedrine if you are not happy with the aderrall