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My 14 yr old son was just put on Adderall XR for ADD - inattentive type. His pediatrician indicates dosage is purely by weight -- I'm researching and questioning this. Son weighs 180 lbs and dr recommending 2-30 mg capsules once per day. That's 60 mg. It seems like alot to me in comparison to what I've read. I will be speaking with dr tomorrow, but am asking for any feedback/experience anyone may have. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Adderall is NOT dosed by weight but by individual chemistry. When starting on Adderall, it should be prescribed at a low dose and gradually worked up until the correct dosage is determined. I'm really surprised your doctor would dose by weight. Is this your peditrician or a physiciatrist that specializes in ADHD?
Upon starting Adderall I realized that everybody is different. I started on 5mg 2x a day and that was quite enough!!! I have now built up to 10mg 2x a day and take only 5mg a day on weekends to prevent tolerance build up. However, I know people who take 30 mg 3x a day and are fine with it. I would recommend staring very low and building until you see good results. It does take a while to acclimate to the drug too when it comes to sleeping and eating. Also, DEFINATELY ask your child's imput on how HE feels as certain doses. If he can tell a difference at a low dose.....then go with it until HE feels adjusted. Meds can help but are a longer process than some may hope, in my experience, to get correct dosage. I am concerned about how much doctors prescribe this stuff in heavier doses......I wish that every doctor who prescribed this stuff had been through having ADD.