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You don't say how old the child is, but apparenly he is in school. My son had been on Ritilin but it is a short acting drug. It was like a roller coaster going from the great focus while the ritilin was in effect to the rebound crash and silliness when the med wore off. Has the child been put on any of the longer lasting medications, such as Adderall or Concerta? It seems that some meds will make kids angrier and more agressive. If that is the case, then a different med needs to be tried. Also, keep pushing for continued diagnostic work. My son had an ADD diagnosis for years. I always felt something else was going on, but had problems getting anyone to take me seriously. Recently, the School Psyc FINALLY sat down with my son...Guess what, he also has a form of autism...PDD-NOS. Hopefully now I'll get the school services my son needs... The important part of this, is do what I wish I had done.. go with your gut instincts, and push hard if you don't think you are getting the right answers. Good luck.
How Wonderful! How about the mother? Is she helping any of this, hopefully she's in full support. Sounds like he may have experienced some emotional trauma, this too can be stressful and initiate some behavioural problems.

Yes I've read much of the different medications. Some work well, others not so much. You may want to try something different than the Ritlin; possibly other successful meds; eg. Adderall or Dexedrin; I read and heard good things on the Dexedrin. There are others as well, take a gander down the ADD board. BUT don't get too frightened, there are some bad stories, some good, and others which are probably never posted.

Also, natural components seem to work for many. Some reference Becalmd, but this is rather expensive, some suggest purchasing the items separately.

Some kids react to different foods. If certain dyes, sugars..etc are in the daily diet, that sometimes instills the hyperactivity, focus /attention problems.

Too Bad about having to fork out the money. Someone said the US had a law that required ADD kids to have full support; gee you'd think they'd be wise enough to include the testing.

q. Is he off the meds. after school and days off?
q. Is he with an understanding person when you and your son are not with him.

Its a long long process but eventually a balance will be found, and personal adjustments can be made.