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meghansmom,I know how you feel.My daughter is 6 and weighs 50 pounds.She has been on Strattera for 8 weeks.She was on 25 mg for about 4 weeks and she was still having trouble at school so her dr raised it to 40 mg.After 2 weeks on that dose I finally had enough of the daily temper tantrums and rages so I lowered it back to 25 mg.After getting notes from her teacher last week I called her dr and he said to wean from Strattera(every other day give 1) and prescribed adderall xr 5 mg.He said to give 5 or 10 mg a day.When I gave her 5 mg it was not enough and 10 mg caused tics.I tried giving 5 mg with strattera and it seems better.Maybe you could see if her dr will add a small dose of stimulant.Good luck!