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He may be a poor metabolizer, like my 12 yr old. Strattera turned my sweet kid
into an aggressive, moody monster. His dev. ped. said she has seen quite a few cases of this. We took him off immediately. He cannot tolerate any time release meds- we have found that regular Adderall works the best for him.
This may be of some help but not sure my son is like yours now. He is a very angry young man. He does take the blame but he just cant control it. It can the smallest of things that trigger him to totally go off the walls and it was so hard to stop him. I would have to hold him so he wouldnt hurt himself or anyone else. This school year has been a riot. The first few weeks of school I got a call every day and day care as well. Did councouling that helped for alittle awile then did a award program in school every smiley he brings home he gets a dollar. What Im getting to is like I posted my son just couldnt take it anymore. He eventually in time somewhere got depressed because of His ADHD and trying to control it. Hes now on adderall. He says he feels calms and can control and concentrate better. He hasnt had any outburst since hes been on it. Well I will restate that. Until the meds wear off. He only takes 5mg after breakfast and between 530 pm and 7pm the meds have worn off. Now its like Jeckel and Hyde. I feel so helpless. I know the doc is testing to see how is does on this drug but when my son is begging me to give him another pill and I have to say no is he addicted already. He like the way he feels on it. Hes starting to get back the friends hes lost cause the way he treated them. He is very smart just like your son and the school dosent challenge him enough so he delibertly gets things wrong on purpose. Adderall is helping him with his anger, suicial thoughts hes gotten, until it wears off.
Sorry if this dosnt help. I m deciding weather to keep him on adderall still maybe we should just do a herb drug