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My psychiatrist prescribed and I took the following for 3 years
6 20mg adderall/day
4 40mg celexa /day
2 100mg wellbutrin
2 2mg valium/day
My problem was Lead, Mercury, aluminium Poisoning. Silicone Immune disease, Auto Immune Disease. And a bunch of really bad neurological findings. Ultimately my body was so filled with infection that it went into my brain. It is sad, that given such improper care by over 20 doctors in this 3 year period.

I got extremely ill and spent the better part of this time period in bed for over 3 years. My brain stopped functioning about 6 months ago. I couldn't speak, I couldn't walk, complete brain fog, no memory and was diagnosed with ischemia.

All of a sudden after seeing this dr for 3 years, 3 times per month. ''he had to leave me go,referred me to a clinic stating that he had done all that he could do and because I was on disability he felt I would be better suited in a clinic for folks on welfare.

I was shocked. I was never late on his $100 payment in the three years I went to him.

Seems as though he took a look at his diagnosis and ran scared.
Does anyone know anything about these med's?

I am down to 2 adderall / day and off all of the other stuff.
If this is wrong..........why didn't the pharmecist do something?