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I wish I had some advice, but I actually came to the site to get my own! I am having similar (yet different) problems.

I have mild OCD (enough to be annoying and slow me down, but not disabling). I also have Adult ADD. I was unable to start any medications for these conditions until I was done having children. About 1 1/2 years ago I finally went to a psychiatrist and the nightmare began.

I have been on Zoloft from the very beginning. It has been increased so that I am currently taking 200mg daily. This is to treat my OCD. For the ADD the Dr. put me on Adderall (Metadate didn't work). It was great at first, but then my body slowly started adjusting to the levels and it had to keep being increased. I am currently on the highest dose possible (60mg) per day. The Dr. also put me on Strattera and I am currently at 160mg per day. I tried coming off of the Adderall, but could not even get out of bed.

I currently have 2 major problems. 1. Although I have noticed some minor improvements (regarding the OCD, the only improvement I have noticed (just like seriousperson) is that I am now aware of what I am doing and that I shouldn't be doing it, but still have no control over the compulsions) but not enough to really make life much easier. To say this is frustrating would be a severe understatement. The Dr's response? "You have the worst case of ADD I have ever seen...some people, with medication, may improve say 70%, you will have to be content with improving about 30%". This is not acceptable. 2. Since being on the Zoloft, I have been having mild depression symptoms (the reason for the increases in dosage). I never had a problem with depression in the past but thought "maybe I just never knew I was mildly depressed". Over the past year, these depression symptoms have increased to the point of being severe and disabling. Of course I researched Zoloft and found that, while not actually tested to show causally related, there is evidence that some people have an increase in symptoms or start having symptoms that never presented in the past. I decided it would be best to get off the Zoloft...since my OCD is something I can deal with on my own, and depression was not the reason for treatment, this seemed the logical conclusion. I went to the Dr. yesterday with my request. Instead of allowing me to wean off the Zoloft (something he strongly advises against) he gave me yet another medication to take. Wellbutrin, 300mg/day. The Zoloft is just not strong enough for the depression and the Wellbutrin will help in different areas.

So, I am now taking 9 pills a day and seem to have more problems than I started with. I am tempted to just wean myself off of each medicine one by one and stop seeing the Dr. I am really regretting my decision to seek treatment for my ADD...although it did start to get worse year by year (as is common in females), at least I had adjusted to life with ADD. I can't seem to adjust to life with "treated" ADD.

So you see Seriousperson, you are not the only one out there with these prescription problems...I am beginning to think that these Dr's don't really think we have a problem (since Adult ADD is still viewed as an "excuse" even by people in the medical field) and are getting kick backs from the prescription makers. Anyone else have any comments/solutions?