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I think I take to much meds I dont feel like I am 100% with reality... I take wellbutrin 100 mgs 2 times a day minocycline anti-biotics 100 mgs 2 times daily 30 mgs of adderall a day 1 10 mg pill of zyrtec singulair 10 mg pill........ I have so many problems with anxiety I get all uptight then I get breathing problems and I cant stay calm and it dont seem like its asthma cause my inhaler doesn't do anything for this kinda stuff (i haven't used inhaler in months dont think I have asthma nemore i think its a anxiety problem) I feel dizzy alot I get bad withdrawls when I forget to take my wellbutrin for a few days headaches all the time I have to deal with acne all the time.... I am not very social. I dont know what to do with life I have no clue these problems suck. I also have a big problem sleeping cant sleep much at all and when I do get to sleep I sleep for 10-18 hours at a time sometimes more I haven't been able to keep a job because of my sleeping problem... What should I do I am so confused it sucks hardcore..... I also have big problems with taking new pills I get lots of anxiety right after I start to take a new med. Told my doc about this he did nothing yet he said o well mabey the wellbutrin will help the anxiety........... YEAH RIGHT what can I do to keep calm and get back on a normal life drop all medication? I dont like the way I feel in life and dont feel in connect with reality....

Thanks for the help