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yep, that would be me also....I have pulled all eyelashes out ,and am still doing it.,...partly because "it feels comforting" to me" and partly because I can smell a scent sometimes that "makes" me feel like "picking" or a type of "feeling" ..I am not sure if it is a scent or feeling...but, sometimes it is soooo strong after I have caffiene or chocolate!!! Or even too much sugar! It makes me feel so badly like pulling!!

I have also pulled all of my eyebrows out....but some still grow in anyhow..(which is good!) I can totally sympathize with all of you...I used to cry myself to sleep....I would tell myself that someday there would be a cure....well,???? I am still waiting!!! :bouncing: :bouncing: :rolleyes: :confused:

Nobody should tell anyone to "STOP!" because frankly, it didn't work with me...my family used to tie my hands down to a chair, put them behind my back, and make me sit on my hands or leave the room, while we were watching t.v. together.I just felt that if I wanted to do what I wanted to do, THEY were going to have to suffer! Not me! I liked to pick!! I still do....but, I also hate it as well! It's comforting.....and old o.c.d. habit..what can I say?
The only med that actually stopped me from attacking myself (so to speak) was adderall. I also have attention defecit disorder .
I think some therapy would help or meds..but... you should talk to a doctor about what to do!

that's all..nightowl2

Thank you for sharing your story. It is nice to hear someone with such a positive outlook on things. We definitely do all have gifts and we need to embrace them even if they aren't necessarily the gifts that we think we want.

My son, who was diagnosed with ADD last year is starting to understand this about himself. He is really small for his age and I don't just mean short but REALLY skinny too. He has always been really coordinated athletically and wants to be great at football, but with his size, he struggles a bit and is often teased about being so small. Fortunately, he is extremely bright and very advanced for his age. He knows this and I think he is becoming known at his school for his brain..Last night he said that when someone teases him about being small, he says "Well, I've got a really big brain!" I'm glad that he is recognizing his gifts and I'm so glad that you pointed that out so that we don't focus on our troubles so much and notice all of the joys that we have in our lives.

My husband was diagnosed with Adult ADD a few years ago and is taking adderall for it. He tells me how hard it is and I can tell that he has a tough time especially we he has a lot going on....he gets completley overwhelmed by it. My heart goes out to you and again thank you for sharing.