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Ahh, at last a source to describe a living hell, as I have been going through it myself.


First of all, it didn't start until roughly nine months ago, but there have been so many factors I still haven't pegged it. But just like everyone else, I showered three times a day, soaked in salts every evening, watched the diet, it cost me roughlly $1000 to buy every combination of cleaners etc. possible to minimize the smell. So the next step was the doctor, since no one says anything about a smell "it's all in your head". Doctor didn't smell anything but the nurses did, in fact the receptioist accidentally put BOH on my new file instead of my initials - humbling indeed!
So he says there's nothing, but to be sure do an MRI scan of the sinuses. $1000 dollars later they found a cyst in the upper right sinus, but it wasn't given as a cause.
So while this is going on, trying to keep a professional engineering job, I was put on Adderall because of a car wreck which caused internal brain bleeding and PTSD ($5000 and a wrecked RX-8). The generic Adderall caused an incredible chemical smell, and the stress led to leaking bowels, you get the picture. Even to this day, anything I own with paper or cloth in it reeks, (possibly phenols). Well Adderall is addictive and so it was hard to stop being it was making me so productive, but I did. The bulk of the smell went away, but it was still there.
Before the smell I was mountain biking and decided to go for the 50 mile mark. On mile 46 both legs froze up due to dehydration, even though I was pushing fluids, and more importantly loss of electrolytes such as magnesium and zinc. So the emergency physican ran blood work to see if I hurt my liver, which I'm sure I did, but the results came up ok.
As this was all going on I noticed of all the people having coughing fits, 85% were older males, so I figured it was a hormonal issue after the meds cleared out, as well as being fit and young and etc. It got to the point when some guy would cough I would take it personally and follow him, coughing along the way. Boy I wanted to beat the crap out of him.
You'll find you can stand right next to people and not a peep or concern, while others almost go into a coma from across the room the second you walk in, women don't seem to be bothered as much either because they don't find it offensive or they are natually kinder people. Some of it is the over abuse of smelling cleaners, as more and more people have asthma/allergies.
So this is what it can do, people say there is nothing so you assume it's in your head, people still cough and you get depressed and angry, and eventually I quit my job, rode out the lease, and moved to another state to start over ($10,000).


CHRONIC DEHYDRATION (Check how dehydrated you are, you might be surprised and you're probably putting your liver in overtime), STRESS, PHENOLS (many meds (generic Adderall is one) use phenols in binders as well as cigarrettes), DIET, TOO MUCH SUPPLEMENTS/VITAMINS, HEAD TRAUMA, OBSESSIVE PERSONAILITIES, CAFFEINE and ENERGY DRINKS/PILLS

1) If you don't smell it AND people around you are coughing and hacking, it is NOT in your head.
2) No one will openly mention it, even your closest friends and family, they just hope it will go away.
3) Stress is a HUGE factor, smelling gives a nasty feedback loop.
4) Possible causes for me are two concussions, moderate dehydration, Adderall (uppers), phenols.
5) It does go away proportional to not thinking about it, once you get into the habit of obsessively buying cleaners etc. it's too late. Try to go shopping and when the person coughs not to worry, after all they won't see you again.
6) However GOJO Perinneal Care Spray solves anything
7) I'd guess liver and kidney loss of function which will probably get better over time if it's not permanent is the real cause.

COST: $20,000+, all friends, some family, lost job, starting completly over from scratch.